Apples & Pears

Apples and pears are our bread and butter. Of our 200 acres of land, the majority are apple and pear trees. We planted our first apple tree back in the early 1900s and have been adding varieties ever since.

Availability & Start Dates


Apple season starts in mid July and extends through November. Our apple picking season starts Labor Day weekend (early September).

Variety Approx. Start Date
Early McIntosh August 1
Tydeman August 20
Ginger Gold August 20
McIntosh September 1
Honey Crisp September 1
Gala September 5
Gold rush September 10
Empire September 15
Cortland September 15
Macoun September 20
Early Fuji September 20
Northern Spy September 25
Golden/Red Delicious October 1
Golden Russett October 1
Mutsu/Crispin October 1
Ida Red October 1
Winesap October 10
Late Fuju October 20
Braeburn November 1
Granny Smith November 1
Pink Lady November 10


The first round of pears are picked in late August and extends through September.

Variety Approx. Start Date
Bartlett Pears August 25
Seckle Pears September 1
Bosc Pears September 15


    1. caitlinboroden

      Hi Rebecca,

      The trees are fairly short at around 12 feet tall. That being said, if you come sooner rather than later, there are plenty of apples very low to the ground and perfect for kids to pick.

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